Why you should study in Estonia

A certain Northern European country with over a thousand islands, bordering the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic sea is garnering reputation as a preferred destination for International students looking to leverage on low tuition European education.

Estonia is a hub for technological innovations (Skype was developed in Estonia) with a vibrant society making it an appealing option for work and study.

Estonia offers high quality tertiary education with degrees that can compete with international counterparts.

Estonian institutions have funding opportunities including the possibility of 100% scholarships. The tuition fees are more affordable than those of choice destinations like the UK, USA, Australia and Canada.

Tuition Fees range between 1,660 and 7,500 EUR per academic year for both Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. There are over 160 unique degree programs in Estonian Universities including Cyber Security Engineering and Startuo Entrepreneurship.

The two most popular Univerisité sin Estonia are the University of Tarti and Tallinn University of Technology. Estonia is a global leader in digital and I ternet technologies. It was among the first countries to pioneer electronic Identity cards, e-health, e-school, etc.

International students in Estonia are allowed to work part time while studying. Following graduation they are permitted to stay for another 6 months to look for jobs that would enable temprorary residency.

Estonia is the hub spot for  start -ups in the continent of Europe as they have more start-ups per Capita on an annual basis than any other European country. There is a ubiquitous culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Northern European nation.

Cost of living in Estonia is extremely affordable for students with average living costs of around €300 monthly.

Estonia is part of the Schengen area, meaning that a holder of an Estonian visa has access to 25 other countries visa free.

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