What To know about UK Visa Rejection

The relative ease of visa issuance by the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) makes the country more appealing to foreigners interested in study or tourism compared to say the USA.

However, it would be folderol to presume that the statistical chance of your UK visa application being turned down by the Home Office is 0%.

Thus, it is imperative that all applicants be familiar with the attendant reasons for visa refusal

Common Reasons for UK visa Refusal
1. Missing documents. This is the most common reason why applications are rejected. Missing documents compromise the integrity of your application and the embassy retains the prerogative to deny your visa.

2. Inconsistency and Incorrectness of information detailed in your documents.

3. Insufficient financial means to support your stay in the UK. Submitting proof of funds documentation that show finances below the required threshold

4. Not meeting the English language proficiency requirement.

5. Incorrect organization of documents.

What Can be done in the event of Visa Refusal?
1. Reapply for the visa. Should you leverage on this option, it is imperative that previous deficiencies in your submission are renediated.

2  Appeal on Human Rights ground.

3. The decision of the embassy can be contested through a Judicial review. If you retain the view that your application was illegally or irrationally rejected or there was prejudice in the processing of your visa

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