Top 8 Reasons for US F-1 Study Visa Rejection

Data indicates that around 35% of US F-1 Study visa applications are rejected annually. The modalities for study visa applications to the USA are quite onerous and emotionally demanding in comparison with other countries like the UK and Canada.

However, the requirements are unambiguously clear and if they are met it is simply left for an applicant to convince the Visa Officer of the merits of letting him / her into the country to study.

This article lists the top 8 reasons why people get denied F-1 study visas:

  1. Unsatisfactory proof of sufficient funds to support the student’s education
  2. English language requirements are not up to par with the required academic standards to study in a native English-speaking setting
  3. Insufficient documents, either missing or faulty
  4. Poor behavior during the interview
  5. A failed background check (history, same / duplicate names, and other reasons)
  6. Unsatisfactory justification for choosing a particular course or university
  7. Lack of preparation demonstrated during the interview
  8. Reasons beyond the student’s control such as a high volume of applications

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