It is with great pleasure that we welcome you all to the Japafora Online Community. Don’t forget to check your email to confirm your account and RESET your password.

We are genuinely exhilarated over having you as inaugural members of this fledgling but hugely promising sociosphere.

This community has been created for the purpose of providing a platform for interactions on all matters relating to studying abroad, travel and immigration. It has two main sections: the Forum section and the JapaBlog section.

The Forum is open for contribution and interaction to all registered members of the community. However, while non-members have access to all forum contents, they are restricted from creating topics or contributing same. Please be as active as possible as all relevant topics and questions are welcome and will be answered as soon as possible by one of our dedicated Japafora team members or a member of the community.

If you have not created an account you can click on this LINK to do so. It is a straightforward registration.

The JapaBlog would provide an assortment of contents drawing from a wide range of sources and themes including views and interviews of people who have successfully migrated abroad for study or permanent settlement. Anyone willing to be featured in our blogs can contact the admin on info@japafora.com. This section would be dedicated to offering blog themed, engaging content for informational and entertainment purposes.

We kindly urge you to familiarize yourselves with the Community Rules.

We also offer bespoke services as is detailed HERE.

Please do not hesitate to click on the social share buttons to help spread the word on your new online community and help us expand in size and quality.

We are delighted to have you here. Thank you for being a part of us.

Yours sincerely,

The Japafora Team

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