Ugandan Weightlifter who Disappeared from Tokyo Olympic Training Camp Hands Himself IN

Julius Ssekitoleko, a Ugandan Weightlifter who went missing from an Olympic training Camp on Friday, has handed himself in. Recall, it was earlier reported that the Ugandan had left a note stating he had no interest in returning to Uganda and intended to gain employment in Japan.

A Japanese news agency reported that the 20 year old Julius stated on the 16th of July, “I will not return to a difficult country to live in, but will work in Japan. I left a note saying ‘I want to do it’ “. Japanese police are understood to be taking testimony on his whereabouts after he lost his bearings. He had been observed on CCTV cameras purchasing a bullet train ticket to Nagoya station in central Japan.

Julius had failed to qualify for the Tokyo Games and was scheduled to return to Uganda with his trainer on the 20th of July, 2021. The president of the Ugandan Weightlifting Federation, Salim Musoke, had earlier hinted at the possibility of Ssekitoleko’s expulsion from the sport if apprehended.

This would not be the first time African athletes have breached the immigration laws of Olympic tournament hosts. Back in 2012, Seven Cameroonian athletes went missing from the Olympic Village in London. Over 20 athletes reportedly vanished during the course of the London Games.

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