Report Warns of Skilled Labour Shortage in Australia as nearly 500,000 LEAVE the Country. Calls for Immigration Policy changes.

A new report reveals that nearly half a million migrants have left Australia since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The report was released by the Joint Standing Committee on Migration, a committee of the Australian Parliament.

The report offered a harbinger purview into the pernicious impact of emigration on the Australian labour market. The net overseas migration in Australia has culminated in labour shortages in strategic sectors including engineering and agricultural technology.

Julian Leeser, the Chairman of the committee, detailed in the report a prognosis of around 77,000 people departing the country in the 2021-2022 fiscal year. The skilled migration program of Australia has been hamstrung by the International border closures stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report recommended that the Australian government should increase the ease at which skilled migrants can attain permanent residency. The committee advised the Department of Home Affairs to include the option of pathway to permanency in the short term employee nominated visas.

The report maintains that English language proficiency and age restrictions (under 45) should be included in the eligibility criteria for permanent residency. It also encouraged the mainstreaming of veritable measures to attract International students into the country to help fill the persistent skills shortages. Some of the recommended measures include discounts to their work experience requirements for permanent residency,

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