350 Migrants from Africa intercepted by Spanish border security while attempting to scale Melilla Fence

Some 350 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa were stopped from gaining access into the enclave of Melilla from Morocco. The North African country is a preferred exit point from Africa into Europe by many irregular migrants.

On Saturday August 28, 2021, the border forces at the Moroccan – Spanish border notified the Spanish guards that 350 sub-Saharan Africans were attempting to scale the fence near the Barrio Chino border post.

This prompted the deployment of a helicopter by the Spanish Guardia Civil Police to intercept the irregular migrants. As recently as August 17, more than 50 migrants were able to successfully enter the enclave when around 150 people stormed the fence. On July 22, more than 230 people reportedly enter into Melilla.

Ceuta and Melilla on Morocco’s Mediterranean cost have the European Union’s only land borders with the African continent. It offers the only access into Europe from Africa without the need to cross the Mediterranean.

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