90,000 Jobs added to the Canadian labour market in August

A recent Labour Force Survey detailed that employment rose by 90,000 in Canada during the month of August. The previous months brought the employment within the North American country up to just 156,000 below the pre-pandemic levels recorded in February, 2020.

Recently most regions in Canada have relaxed public health measures while the Canadian border is now open to fully Vaccinated tourists. Service producing industries including accommodation and food services were the major beneficiaries of the proliferation in employment.

Construction jobs increased for the first time since March, 2020 while the information, culture and recreation industry witnessed palpable expansions.

Unemployment in August was at 7.1%, which is the lowest rate since the onset of the pandemic. Long term unemployment reduced by nearly 7% in August but still exceeds the pre-pandemic levels by an astonishing 120%.

Black Canadians, who are part of the visible minorities, had their employment at nearly 72% which represents a 4% reduction.

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