UK Universities in danger of losing attractiveness to International Students

A recently published analysis by Universities UK International detailed that while Britain still remains in second place worldwide, other countries are quickly catching up in the International education market.

Some of the reasons cited for this development include high tuition and living costs, limited marketing as well as visa difficulties contemporaneous with rising competition from other nations.

The report from the body revealed that Britain’s position as the second preferred destination behind the US was being threatened by institutions from other countries that were making more effort to encourage applications.

UK is facing competition from fellow European countries like France, Holland and Germany were a plethora of English taught programs are now being offered at much lower costs. Other countries like Canada, Russia, China and Turkey are attracting an ever increasing population of International Students.

The body recommended the availability of more scholarships, reduced tuition fees and increased effort in promoting the value of UK education to International students. They have called for improved measures to enable International students obtain employment following the completion of their studies.

The UK remains conspicuously attractive with around 8% of the global market, with the US leading with 17%. Data provided from the study revealed that the UK’s market share dropped between 2017 and 2018 in a ranking that included the world’s top 23 sending countries and territories including India, Nigeria and Pakistan.

Australia and Germany have experienced accelerated growth in market share. The coronavirus pandemic resulted in a borderline freeze in International student migration. Tensions with China have caused a set back with the Australian market share as China is the largest source of International students.

There are currently nearly 500,000 International students in the UK.

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