OPINION: Should I get a second citizenship ?

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Growing up, I never saw myself actually going through the process of filing for a second citizenship. I think it was because in primary school my teacher taught that Nigeria does not accept dual citizenship and would require one to deny the other citizenship and you won’t be a ‘true’ Nigerian and all that jazz. I was scared of not being a ‘true’ citizen of Nigeria so I think somewhere at the back of my mind that lesson on citizenship stuck and I never truly considered getting another citizenship, not until this year.

I don’t know if it’s because I moved out of my parents house to a new city and I have finally seen how life as a young broke Nigerian could really be. Why it was the period where everything is now double or even triple it’s original price I decided to enter this adulthood life full time, I would never know. I mean you cannot really live your best life if you have a serious absence of purchasing ability now can you?,

Sapa, nice one o.

I’m not saying that if I have a green card I’ll be automatically financially stable, but at least I know I can finally join half of my age group in the world of entrepreneurship. How much do they say fake marriages cost again?.

For the kids, anything for the kids. I’m a traveler deep within my heart, an adventurer even. It has always irked me that I have to get a visa to go to most countries in the world, save for these 7 countries. If only my mother, like the rest of her fellow Elf wives had gone to born me in the abroad I won’t be writing this think piece today now will I. I do not want my unborn kids, twenty years from now to be up by 3am West African Time questioning their place of birth. I do not know if generational wealth is starting with me because I kuku no get strength, so I might as well leave my kids with something worth more than gold.

A citizenship from a first world country would solve 80 percent of my prayer points. There are so many tantalizing opportunities that come with being a citizen of some countries. As true as the last statement is, I’m not going to do anything to obtain another citizenship, like entering boat to Italy or climbing over a wall. In fact, I must enter a foreign country through the front door and with ease. Since I have absolutely no skills to enter through the job route, I’ll go through the school route. Now since admissions have opened up for a new school year, I have been eagerly searching for schools. The other day, I made inquiries to a school to find out about a particular graduate program and they had the nerve to mail me back and tell me that their program is fully self-funded. The way I found and clicked that almost invisible unsubscribe button and put ‘spam’ as my reason for unsubscribing ehn. When people are out there getting full scholarship that even comes with a stipend to go to school, is it me that now wants to come and pay for graduate school.

It is my desire to obtain a second citizenship , Nigeria and her feelings will be alright.

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