It is much safer to travel to most EU countries including France, Spain and Italy according to ECDC

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has revealed that the prevalent epidemiologic situation in most European Union countries has improved making it much safer to travel.

Many EU regions now have less than 50 Covid-19 infection cases per 100,000 of the populace and have a test positivity rate of less than four percent over the past fortnight. These areas include Liechtenstein, the Canary Islands ans well as several regions of Italy, France and the Czech Republic.

Conditions in regions within the Scandinavian countries of Sweden and Norway have also markedly improved. The palpable improvements owe largely to successful vaccination campaigns in the listed countries leading to their classification under the green list.

Travellers from green list countries are not mandated to go through the pandemic related entry rules provided they hold a vaccination or recovery certificate. Entry rules however vary with countries.

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