New Study reveals German are becoming lazier

According to a new study, Germans sit for an average of 8 and a half hours during workdays. The study detailed that people in the Rhine country are spending way too much time sitting down and are struggling to cope with stress.

Another gobsmacking detail from the 2021 version of the “DKV Report’’ is that only one in nine Germans has an “all round healthy lifestyle’’.

The “healthy lifestyle” gamut takes into consideration the diet, smoking habits, physical activity, stress levels as well as alcohol consumption. The DKV report is in its sixth iteration and was first conducted in 2010. It is conducted by the health insurance company DKV and is predicated on information mined from interviews.

The study has a representative sample of 2,800 18 years and older. The 8.5 hours sitting time average is a whole hour more than it was in 2018.

The report revealed that young adults between 18 and 29 years of age are now the “world champions in sitting” as they spend around 10.5 hours sitting down during workdays.

The report acknowledged the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the documented behavioral patterns.

Another worrisome finding is that stress levels are high with 60 percent of respondents complaining of their inability to manage or mitigate stress. Women reported higher levels of stress as they try to establish a work-life balance with the inexorable demands of their job, childcare and homeschooling.

“Germans were already lazy and they’ve become even more lazy” according to Ingo Frobose of the Cologne Sports University. Having contributed to the study, he opined that Germans were living more unhealthy lifestyles than at anytime since the first report was published in 2010.

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