Refugees in Libya Desperate to depart

More than 5,000 refugees, including hundreds of children were detained in Libya during the first days of October. This is based on data provided by the United Nations. This has been described by authorities as a security campaign by the Libyan government against undocumented, irregular migration and drug trafficking.

At least 10 people were shot dead and many more wounded during two separate escape attempts made by incarcerated migrants at a Tripoli detention center in early October according to the United Nations.

The United Nation’s refugee agency (UNHCR) conducted an evacuation on the 25th of November, 2021 which saw 93 people evacuated to Rome as part of the “Humanitarian Corridors” scheme. The scheme was put in place in 2016 by the Italian government in alliance with a coalition of faith based organizations.

This was the first of such evacuation in over a year since the government of Libya lifted a ban on humanitarian flights. Nearly 7,000 refugees and asylum seekers have been evacuated by the UN agency from Libya since 2017. 967 of them were admitted to Italy.

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