Is Studying in the US Worth it ?

While International Students consider the United States of America to be a favourable study destination, there are attendant reservations over it’s impact on their careers.

This is based on a survey that sampled feedback from over 1,000 students across more than 100 countries. The survey was titled: “Is studying in the US worth it ?” The survey was commissioned by Interside. Interside is a digital platform that provides career and academic support to International Students.

The study was assembled by an education consultant who asked respondents questions on their experiences while studying in the US. 84% of respondents  stated that they would recommend International students to study in the US. However, only 49 percent opined that a US degree would have palpable benefits for their careers. 51 percent didn’t feel it would make much of a difference to their career prospects. The researcher, Anna Esaki-Smith, recommended the development of closer relationships with US employers to offer career paths to International graduates as a means to bridge the career impact confidence gap

There are millions of International students pursuing degree in over 4,000 US tertiary institutions.This makes the US the country with the highest population of international students.

According to the Open Doors report released by the Institute of International Education (IIE) the number of international students in the United States dropped by 15 percent between the  2019/20 to 2020/21 academic year. International Students in the US face tuition costs of around $40,000 annually.

Many institutions in the USA however offers a panoply of funding opportunities including scholarships, fellowships and graduate assistantship positions with stipends and tuition waivers.

The US remains a popular destination among Nigerians although the prohibitive costs of attendance see increasing numbers look to continental Europe for veritable value for money options.

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