UK: EU Students opting for Online Study Degrees

While there has been a sharp drop in EU student enrollment to the United Kingdom, a report by the Times Higher Education indicates that the visa statistics may not be representative of all EU students in the country.

The suggestion is that more EU students may be opting to pursue UK university degrees online. The pandemic has seen many UK universities adapt their medium of delivery to online platforms. Many EU students returned to their home countries to complete their degrees online.

The trend has been delineated globally as online learning has become a mainstream mode of instruction as students have learned to accommodate virtual classes.

The pandemic period has also seen a proliferation in the demand for online certificate programs provided by virtual learning education platforms like LinkedIn and Google.

Distance learning is an enthralling proposition given its affordability, relative ease of access and flexibility. This has proven useful to EU nationals who are enchanted by the opportunity to study at the world’s leading universities but are deterred by the exorbitant cost implications.

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