Study Reveals Immigrant Wages in CANADA On A RISE

A study carried out by Statistics Canada reveal that Immigrant wages are on an upward trend in Canada.

Immigrants to the Great White North who became permanent residents in 2018 had a median wage of around 31,900 CAD as reported in 2019. This figure represents the highest among all migrant groups in Canada since the year 1981.

The wage level is also around 4 percent higher than the 2017 batch of migrants earned in 2018. Immigrants still earned nearly 18 percent lower than the median wage of Canadian born workers who made around 38,000 CAD in 2019.

Statistics Canada carried out a study evaluating the wages of immigrants which extrapolated data derived from the Longitudinal Immigration Database. The database provides information for researchers to evaluate the characteristics of Canadian Immigrants at the point of their admission. It also assesses the economic outcomes of migrants alongside their mobility.

For principal applicants of economic class immigration programs, the median wages were higher than that of the Canadian born population in the year 2019. Immigrants to Canada who arrived in 2019 had a median salary of 43,600 CAD a year after arrival. This figure was 12 percent higher than the Canadian Median wage of 38,800 CAD.

It is no secret that having pre-immigration experience in Canada has a palpable impact on wages of immigrants as it offers a means through which migrants can augment their language skills and their knowledge of the Canadian labor market.

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