African countries with Best Healthcare Systems

This post examines African countries with the best healthcare based on the Healthcare index detailed on Numbeo.

Healthcare index is an estimate of the overall quality of a country’s healthcare system, healthcare professionals, cost and infrastructure.

This index is crucial in ascertaining the Quality of Life of countries and could influence life expectancy and prevalence of diseases.

Below is the list of African countries with the highest healthcare index.

1. South Africa: 63.97 Health Care index
2. Kenya:.           63.40
3. Tunisia:.         56.54
4. Nigeria:.         48.49
5. Egypt:.            47.01
6. Morocco:.      50.93

Globally, Taiwan is ranked number 1 with an index of 86.43 followed by South Korea (82.72), Japan (80.49), France (80.18) and Denmark (80.07).

Australia (78.14) is ranked 7th, UK (74.83) is ranked 16th, Canada (71.31) is ranked 26th, USA (69.06) is ranked 33rd and India (65.66) is ranked 43rd.

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