Most Polluted Countries in the World

This post examines the ten countries with the highest levels of environmental pollution worldwide.

This is based on pollution index data obtained from Numbeo.

Pollution index is a simple and generalised way to describe the quality of the environment in terms of the presence of pollutants.

The higher the index, the higher the level of pollutants.

Below are the ten most polluted countries in the world.

1. Lebanon:.       89.27 Pollution index
2. Nigeria:.          88.32
3. Vietnam:.        85.52
4. Bangladesh:   84.99
5. Egypt:.             83.64
6. Peru:.               82.88
7. Malta:.             81.02
8. China:.             80.57
9. North Macedonia: 79.69
10. Chile:.            78.54

Based on the same source, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia and Denmark make up the top 7 least polluted countries in that order.

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