US Based Nigerian Doctor Acquires US Citizenship, Shares Story on LinkedIn

Benedict Nwachukwu, a Nigerian-born US based orthopedic surgeon has narrated his 17-year journey from being a study to becoming a US citizen. He shared this on LinkedIn after scaling the US Naturilisation interview and test to become a US Citizen.

His post reads thus:

” Today I took and passed my naturalization test to become a U.S. citizen. It’s been a long journey. I came to America in 2001 on a student visa. I stayed on that visa status for 12 years through the end of medical school. If you know anyone on a student visa you know that it requires yearly renewals, constant proof of education and is quite a burden for a teenager/young adult. After my schooling I was fortunate that Hospitaal for Special Sugrgey bet on me by giving me an H1B visa which is a visa not commonly given to surgical trainees and that required the hospital at the time to prove to the government that there was no better qualified American. A few years after my H1B I decided to bet on myself and apply for a green card through the EB1 program which gives green cards to scientists of exceptional ability. As part of that process I had to solicit 10 references from leaders in my field who could vouch that I was an “exceptional scientist”. The process was humbling, I got some “no”s but I found 10 people willing to objectively look at my CV and write to the US Government to state their case on my behalf. Now 6 years later from my green card I ve been approved to become a U.S. citizen. I’ve essentially been an immigrant all my life, I left Nigeria at age 6 to find better opportunities along with my mom. Ultimately I CHOSE America as the place where I want to settle, build a career and eventually raise a family. I believe in the American dream. I am the American Dream. I hope that my fellow Americans never take for granted all of the rights and opportunities that you are given and that others work so hard to attain.”

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