Top 10 Wealthiest African Cities

Africa is a continent replete with a prismatic gestalt of natural resources. From precious metals to oil and natural gas, from the Egypt to down to South Africa, it is a country of vast wealth gifted by nature.

Anidst the pandemic incertitude of 2020, the world added 493 new billionaires. Meaning ever 17 hours, a new Billionaire joined the exclusive nine zeros club.
Beijing, the capital of China succeeded New York city as the billionaire capital of the world. Half of the top 10 billionaire cities are now in the Far East Asian Colossus of China.

In Africa, South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco and Kenya account for over 50% of the total wealth of the continent. This is based on data from the 2021 Africa Wealth Report. Egypt is reported to have the most billionaires on the continent.

This article examines the 10 wealthiest African cities by total wealth, courtesy of the 2021 Africa Wealth Report from New World Wealth and AfrAsia Bank.

1. Johannesburg.        $226 Billion

2. Cape Town            $123 Billion

3. Cairo                      $ 118 Billion

4. Lagos                    $ 88 Billion

5. Durban                    $ 55 Billion

6. Nairobi                $ 47 Billion

7. Paarl                  $ 47 Billion

8. Pretoria              $ 42 Billion

9. Casablanca       $ 39 Billion

10. Accra               $ 34 Billion

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