LinkedIn User Narrates how she secured Nigerian Passport for 26k NGN

A LinkedIn user, Oge Kristy, shared a post detailing how she was able to secure her Nigerian International Passport at the official rate at a time when people reportedly pay double or even quadruple the amount.

She posted the following:

“How I got my passport myself at the 26k official rate.

Do not be deceived, getting your passport is not that hard if you can just follow the step that has been provided by the Nigerian immigration.

First thing you need is to do away with the quick quick syndrome because that’s how they use in collecting your money and still make you wait.

While some might be lucky to get it early a lot cannot with the reform by Nigerian immigration unless you’re a diplomat or VIP

While at the issuance office I met people who paid 50k, 46k, 70k and were collecting their passport same time as me and some captured before me and some we captured the same month, so if you ask me, what the essence of the outrageous amount you paid?🤷‍♀️

Step 1:
Go to their website and follow the step they’ve stated and make your 26k payment online, which is the only payment you make.

Step 2:
Book an appointment for capture, choose the nearest available date for you.

Step 3:
Make sure you start preparing all the required documents they mentioned for you to come with for your capture.

Guarantor’s form, you can stamp it at any customary court close to you, all your identification docs, birth cert, etc

Step 4:
Go to your chosen appointment office, either Ikoyi or Ikeja. You have to be there early so you can capture early because once is 2pm they stop capturing and you might have to reschedule which takes another time.

This is the point some people will rush you and start asking if you need your passport urgently so they can run it for you. E.g “There’s no paper so it will take time, pay 20k and they’ll push yours fast” Lies!

They’ll collect your money and give you stories.

After capturing and all they’ll give you your passport number and tell you to keep the number safe and come back in 6 weeks time with the number for your passport.

collect their inquiries number and call to ask for updates after 6 weeks.

They’ll let you know when your passport is ready and if they don’t answer you can go and check back in their office.”

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