Alberta Student Groups want Governmental regulation of Tuition Fees

Students from the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta have urged the Provincial Government of Alberta to introduce regulatory oversight on tuition fee requirements for international students

International students at the University of Calgary had to face increments of 10% in their fees in May. This affected around 6,000 students.

In similar vein, international students at the University of Alberta will face an increase of 6% from the 2023-2024 academic year. This is likely to inpact 4,000 new international students enrolling that year. Most art and science programs will now cost up to $10,000 CAD more.

Data mined from Statistics Canada revealed that the average tuition paid by International undergraduate students in Alberta is around $28,000 CAD (over 9 Million Naira). Canadian nationals pay only $6,600 CAD on an average.

Amongst all provicnes in Canada, Alberta has the fourth highest tuition fees for International undergraduate students. 

Quebec, British Columbia and Ontario are ahead with aveagr tuition fees of $42,000 for International students.

The national average international tuition fees for undergraduate international students in Canada is $34,000.

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