International Students Can Apply for Canada Study Visa without Full Tuition

International students need not need pay all or part of their tuition fees to be eligible to apply for a study permit application in Canada.

The Federal Court, in an important ruling, said as long as international students can prove their ability to pay for tuition and other expenses when required, they can be invited to apply for a study permit and will not be penalized for unpaid tuition during the application submission stage.

The ruling was related to an Iranian student’s case (Tehrani v Canada) where the student’s study permit application was rejected by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on grounds of non-payment of tuition.

The ruling removes an important barrier for foreigners looking to study in Canada who may not be able to pay all or part of their tuition when they submit their study permit application.

This move will specially come as a breather to thousands 0f Indians who plan to go to Canada to study.

The country broke yet another immigration record in 2022 – admitting over 550,000 new international students.

Data released by the IRCC showed that Indian students remained the highest benefactors – with over 226,450 visas approved.

As of December 31st, 2022, there were also 807,750 international students holding valid study permits, another all-time high.

Indians, again, topped the list, with 319,130 students currently enrolled in Canada.

Canada has always been a popular destination among students who wish to pursue higher education abroad. In a 2022 study, where IDP surveyed 11,271 respondents from 94 countries, Canada emerged at the top, with 27% of respondents selecting this as their first choice.

The country’s smooth immigration process, student-friendly policies, high employability rate, and multicultural environment are some of the many factors that make it a preferable place for seeking quality education and establishing a career.

Source Economic Times

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