How to Migrate to Canada through Tech

The Tech Sector in Canada is expanding at a meteoric pace. Projections reveal that the growth in the industry is likely to exceed the available skilled tech workers within the country’s labout force

There are a panoply of start up firms alongside industrial behemoths like Amazon and Google. There are over a quarter of a million tech works in the capital city of Toronto alone.

As a prophylaxis for the increased demand for skilled tech workers, there are several permanent residency and work permit options that can be leveraged by migrants at the Federal and Provincial levels of Canada.

This article briefly examines the  two main temprorary work permit pathways that Canadian employers could use to quickly hire tech talent from around the world.

1. Global Talent Stream (GTS)
The GTS is a popular choice within the tech sector as it was created to enable the growth of the Candian tech industy.
Through this pathway, applications can be processed in a space of 2 weeks.
Applicants may use this as a path towards permanent residency.

2. Labour Market Benefit Plan
This option allows enoloyees to submit a plan to the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) detailing how a potential employee will be of benefit to the Canadian labour market in the long term.

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