Government Jobs in Canada with Work Visa 2023

1- Canadian Graduate Student Research Affiliate Job

This Canadian government job is paying a starting salary of $22.71 to $28.57 per hour to students allowing them to work in Agriculture and Agri-Food department of Canada with a maximum cap of 20-37.5 hours/week. To apply online for this Research Affiliate Program (RAP) job in Canada an applicant is required to provide a resume with atleast three referees contact information from where the credibility of an applicant can be verified.

2- IT Graduates Recruitment Program

I am excited to share this IT graduate recruitment program announced by Canadian government which is keen to hire IT professionals at very high salaries of up to CAD$96000 with allowances. To apply for IT graduate program you need to have a degree in any of these subjects network security, electrical engineering, telecommunications, electronics, computer science or any similar subjects, whereas, you will also be glad to know that this job position is permanent and all the recruited IT graduate professionals will actually perform their duties at Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

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