Canada to Welcome 1.45 Million Immigrants between 2023 and 2025

The Canadian government us looking to welcome 1.45 Million migrants between 2023 and 2025. This is in a bid to mitigate the effects of labour shortages in the North American country.

Sean Fraser, Canada’s minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship, released the 2023-2025 immigration plans on the 2nd of November, 2022.

The plan seeks to leverage on immigration as a subterfuge to facilitate the filling of vacancies for businesses as well as to attract person’s with the requisite skill sets in key sectors of the economy.

The Canadian immigration ministry stated that the country was facing significant labour market shortages culminating in uncertainties for businesses and workers.

“Our plan has a focus on economic growth. By the third year of this plan, 60 per cent of new immigrants will be admitted under economic immigration categories,” Sean Fraser said.

“Last year, we welcomed the most newcomers in a single year in our history.

“This year’s immigration levels plan will help businesses find the workers they need, set Canada on a path that will contribute to our long-term success, and allow us to make good on key commitments to vulnerable people fleeing violence, war and persecution.”

The plan also aims to attract newcomers to different regions of the country, including small towns and rural communities.

Immigration accounts for almost 100 percent of Canada’s labour force growth and, by 2032, it is projected to account for 100 percent of Canada’s population growth.

Canada remain one of the top countries Nigerians migrate to for education and employment opportunities.

The PR Express Entry routes of FSW, FST and CEC as well as PNP are hugely popular migration pathways to Canada.

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