Top 10 Canadian Universities in 2023

Canadian universities have been ranked over the past five years in the 19th edition of the QS World University Rankings.

The QS World University Rankings is one of the most reliable and trust-worthy ranking in the world. QS uses five indicators to compile the ranking:

• Academic and Employer Reputation is based on survey responses from more than 150,000 academics and 99,000 employers.

• Citations per Faculty measures research impact.

• Faculty/Student Ratio is used as a proxy for teaching capacity.

• International Faculty Ratio and International Student Ratio are used to record a university’s internationalization.

This year, QS added two new unweighted performance lenses:

• Employment Outcomes assesses the employability of students.

• International Research Network analyses international research collaboration and knowledge transfer.

The 2023 rankings are the largest ever, with over 1,400 institutions across 100 locations.

The top 10 universities in Canada include:

1. McGill University – Ranked 31st Worldwide

2. University of Toronto – Ranked 34th

3. University of British Columbia – Ranked 47th

4. University of Alberta – Ranked 110th

5. University of Montreal – Ranked 116th

6. McMaster University – Ranked 152nd

7. University of Waterloo – Ranked 154th

8. Western University – Ranked 172nd

9. University of Ottawa – Ranked 237th

10. University of Calgary – Ranked 242nd

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