Why You Should Consider Studying in Belgium

Japafora Consulting offers premium, world class turnkey study abroad services. We leverage on education opportunities across the globe. While most of our clients have affinities for countries like Canada, USA and the UK, the reality is that there are far more options on offer.

One of such options is the country of Belgium. Belgium is located in Western Europe, bordered to the north by the Netherlands, to the east by Germany and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and to the south and the west by France.

In this article we will list some of the significant reasons that should inform your decision to choose Belgium as a study destination.

1. World Class Education
Belgium offers high octane quality of education and it’s cities like Antwerp, Bruges and Brussels retain historical imperatives for academic accomplishments. This rich culture of erudition has been carried into contemporary times as Belgium boasts universities of international repute.

2. An Opportunity to become a Polygot
Belgoum’s strategic location and history means that there are several linguistic groups domiciled within it’s borders. French, German and Dutch are the three official languages of Belgium but you will find a panoply of other languages and dialectics.
Interestingly, around 55% of people in Belgium can speak English at a conversational level. There are several university programs with English as the medium of instruction.

3. Exposure to Qualitative Student life
The quality of student life in Belgium is nothing short of sublime as there are a myriad of things you could engage in as a student.
There are museums, galleries, open-aor markets and cinemas with different university societies to spice up your social life and integration.
The nightlight in Antwerp and Brussels are comparable to the best options in Europe and they are more affordable than other Western European capital cities.

4. Affordable Cost of living
Following on from the monetary narrative earlier established, the cost of living in Belgium is a good reason to study there. Public universities in Belgium are relatively cheap with annual tuition fees of €979.60 – €8,000 (depending on your program)

There are also several housing options which makes rent relatively affordable for Internationals. There are student discounts on offer and food, entertainment and cultural attractions will not burn a hole through your pocket.

5. GreatFood
Belgium is famous for their gourmet waffles, beer and chocolate. There are also a cornucopia of cultural delicaslcies. Belgium also has great cheese and beverages. Some dishes you could google and salivate in anticipation include: carbonade flamande or stoofvlees, sole meunière, chicon au gratin and stoemp.

6. Well Connected to Europe
Belgium is a Schengen country and as a non-EU international student, having a study visa gives you legal permission to visit other Schengen Area states like Holland, France, Spain and Italy.
There is a great train network that gives Brussels access to other capital cities including Amsterdam, Paris and London. You could literally see the world through Belgium, or at least Schengen Europe.

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