Global Livability Index 2022: Vienna Best City in the World

The Global Livability Index for 2022 published by The Economist ranked Vienna, Austria as the most livable city in the world.

The Global Livability Index is published annual by the Economist Intelligence Unit of the magazine. The index rates cities on over 30 factors acreoss five weight categories: stability, health care, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure.

The “stability” category, weighted at 25%, considers the prevalence of crime and threats of military, terror, or civil conflicts. At 20% of the total, the “health care” section looks at availability and quality of private and public health care. “Culture and environment,” meanwhile, covers climate, weather, social and religious restrictions, availability of consumer goods and services, and sporting access, for 25% of the total rating. And the “education” portion, weighted at 10%, includes availability and quality of public and private education, while “infrastructure” considers housing, energy, telecommunications, roads, and public transport for the remaining 20%.

Expert analysts and in-city contributors rated the indicators to come up with a livability score, ranking 173 cities. These are the best places to live in the world, according to The Economist, along with their ratings.

The following are the top 10 cities based on the Global Livability Index:

1. Austria, Vienna (99.1 out of 100)

2. Copenhagen, Denmark (98)

3. Zurich, Switzerland (96.3)

4. Calgary, Canada (96.3)

5. Vancouver, Canada (96.1)

6. Geneva, Switzerland (95.9)

7. Frankfurt, Germany (95.7)

8. Toronto, Canada (95.4)

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands (95.3)

10. Osaka, Japan (95.1)

10. Melbourne, Australia (95.1)

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