Happiest Places to Live and Work in the UK

Cambridge, Brighton and Bristol are among the happiest places to live and work in the UK.

The study, conducted by job website Glassdoor’s Economic Research team, analysed over 100,000 anonymous employer reviews from 20 cities. Cambridge scooped the top spot, earning a winning score of 78.2% job satisfaction. With beautiful old buildings as far as the eye can see and greenery galore, this pretty city certainly knows how to charm its workers.

Meanwhile, Brighton came in second place with 77.6% satisfaction rating, praised for its work-life balance, senior leadership and compensation. If you’re looking for somewhere with the perfect balance of work and happiness, then this seaside city could be just for you.

Other places that scored highly include Newcastle, Leeds and Bristol. The country’s capital came in fifth place, despite previously being crowned the ‘most desirable’ city to live and work in. Glassdoor found it was placed sixth for compensation and benefits, with many commenting on its rising rents and house prices.

“London is often romanticised as the city to reach the peak of your career and earning capacity, but Glassdoor’s latest analysis shows that you can find a job with a great salary and work-life balance outside of the M25. Smaller cities are winning the hearts of workers,” Lauren Thomas, UK economist at Glassdoor, told The Metro.

Take a look at the full list below:
Top 10 happiest places to live and work in the UK
Cambridge (3.91)
Brighton (3.88)
Bristol (3.87)
Newcastle (3.87)
London (3.85)
Leeds (3.84)
Nottingham (3.81)
Manchester (3.8)
Oxford (3.8)
Cardiff (3.77)


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