Why you should study in Germany

Germany is a popular destination for International students and is renowned for it’s high octane and efficient education system. The country is also reputed as an archespore of innovation and technical excellence.

The country is also serenaded for it’s low crime rate, socio-econonic stability, progressive ideologies and diversity.

You will also be spoilt for choice as there are a wide range of study programs with English as the medium of instruction.

Most programs employ a heuristic, problem based learning approach which offers students practical exposures beyond theory.

The cost of living is low and there is a vibrant social life which is ideal for young people.

International students are allowed to legally obtain part time jobs while studying and the visa gives them access to other Schengen countries.

Post graduation there is also a pathway to residency and the low unemployment rates means there are a myriad of job opportunities.

Munich and Berlin are amkng the top 10 best student cities based on the QS rankings.

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