The Most Disappointing Vacation Destinations

Over 826,000 TripAdvisor reviews were analysed in 2021 to ascertain the most disappointing cities for tourists.

This was done by luggage company Radical Storage, sampling reviews from 100 of the most popular city destinations in the world to guage tourists’ Paris syndrome. Paris syndrome is a psychological condition where visitors to over-hyped or romanticized cities become disappointed and disillusioned when faced with the realties of their vacation destination.

The outcome of the study revealed that Orlando, USA, was the most negatively reviewed city. 1 in 5 of the 9,000 sampled reviews of Orlando were found to be negative.
The city also had the most global mentions of how “disappointed” visitors were with mentions of “terrible” experiences and “rude” residents.

New York had the second highest mentions of “rude” people.

The most “overrated” city was found to be De Nang, Vietnam while Paris ranked closely at second, living up to it’s Paris Syndrome tag.

The full top ten list of cities that don’t live up to expectations:

1. Orlando, USA

2. Jakarta, Indonesia

3. Pattaya, Thailand

4. Denpasar, Indonesia

5. Guilin, China

6. Johannesburg, South Africa

7. Da Nang, Vietnam

8. Ha Long, Vietnam

9. Shenzhen, China

10. Beijing, China

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