Top 10 European Cities with the Best Public Transportation

Finding your way around big cities can be quite onerous particularly in terms of Public transit schedules, cost and distances. A study carried out by Omio examined transportation options across major European cities and raked the places having the highest relative ease of commute.

The study examined public transportation links, taxis and shared mobility transport like shared bikes and e-scooters available in 30 European cities.

Also examined were the prices of each mode of transportation and a comprehensive ranking of the cities having the most convenient and best-value urban transportation options was revealed.

Public transportation in major European cities is quite advanced to such extent as owning a personal car is somewhat obselete.

The top 5 European cities with the best public transportation according to the study include :

1. Zurich, Switzerland

2. Berlin, Germany

3. Vienna, Austria

4. Milan, Italy

5. Paris, France

6. Porto, Portugal

7. Lisbon, Portugal

8. Brussels, Belgium

9. Warsaw, Poland

10. Frankfurt, Germany

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