4 Factors to Consider when looking for Part Time work in the UK

International students in the UK are legally permitted to work part-time for up to 20 hours weekly.

This is an incentive attracting students from across the globe as they could leverage on this to cushion the cost implications of their study particularly in terms of living costs.

As an International student in the UK, there are some ineluctable factors to consider before chosing or settling for a job. This is examined in this article.

1. Flexibility of Work Schedue

Your studies should never be deprioritised in favour of part time employment and as such, it is important that your job does not prejudice your class and study schedule. Opt for a job with flexible working hours.

2. Relevance to Career and Skill Development Propsects

If possible, opt for a job that could augment your skill set and accentuate your CV. Keep in mind that following graduation in the UK, you have about 2 years to secure sponsored employment. It is imperative to build the requisite experience and skills if the opportunity presents itself.

3. Remuneration

While most part time jobs are at minimum wage, it is important that you don’t settle for less than is tenable in the general market for the given sector. The idea of part time work is to get funds to cover basic necessities, so if your job can’t do that then it simply isn’t worth it.

4. Commute Time

Avoid jobs that require long travel distances. Longer distances mean more commute time. Time is a resource that can’t be trivialised as an International student in the UK. Look for employment within your city, in close propinquity to either home or school or even both.

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