Europe remains a close competitor to North America for the International student market. This owes to a plethora of reasons
In this post, we list the top reasons to consider the continent of Europe as your study destination.

• European universities are known for their world-class education. Which country in Europe has the best education system? That depends on the subject matter. While Switzerland might have one of the best business schools, Germany has better universities for engineering. 

• Many schools in Europe teach in English, making it easier for an international student to adapt. 

• Studying in Europe can be more affordable than in other countries. In France, non-EU students have to pay 189.10 euros per year for a bachelor’s degree in a public university. In Spain, you pay tuition fees according to the credits (roughly 12.50 euros per credit). International students in Sweden are charged about 9,700 euros per year. 

• There are also job opportunities should you wish to work in the country after graduating. Many European universities have programmes that encourage students to work with industry experts during their degrees, which gives them the opportunity to network and build connections for the future. 

• Travel is easy in Europe. Most countries are a hop, skip and jump away. Even within the continent, you can take the train to explore the many cities on your time off. London to Paris is just two hours away. 

• Most European countries are rich in culture and history. From museums and art galleries to ancient landmarks, there is so much to see and learn from. 

Source: Study International

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