Betsy Obaseki says sports could be a prophylaxis to illegal migration amongst females in Edo State

Betsy Obaseki, the wife of the Edo State Governor, said that sports could be leveraged on as a solution to ameliorate irregular migration activities. She detailed her perspective during the unveiling of the logo for the Betsy Obaseki Women Football Tournament (BOWFT) 2021 at the Festive Hall of the Government House.

She stated, “Human trafficking and irregular immigration had put Edo in the number one position in the world map. We all know that sports are (sic) one area that is so youth-friendly, so it is very easy to get our youth interested in sports, especially now with female football league well known around the world”

Betsy Obaseki, 2nd from right during the unveiling ceremony at the Government House (Source: The Nigerian Observer)

Also speaking at the event was Comrade Philip Shaibu, the deputy Governor of the state, who said, “Our target is to make sure that Edo did not (sic) surface again in the world map in terms of human trafficking and irregular migration.”

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