Prejudice against migrants observed in the German Labour Market based on YouGov Survey commissioned by Indeed

A study carried out by the recruitment platform, indeed, reveals that over 40% of people migrants domiciled in Germany have experienced some form of discrimination in their work place or in the labour market. Said workers also stated that they feel under more pressure to perform than their indigenous counterparts.

The study was conducted with a sample size of 500 people in Germany, all having a migration background. This also includes people born in Germany with at least one non-German parent. Citizenship by birth does not exist in Germany. Over 12% of the Deutschland population is made up of foreigners. As at 2019, there were 11.2 million foreigners living in Germany according to the Central Register of Foreign Nationals (AZR).

Of all the survey respondents, half of the women stated that they had experienced discrimination while over 30% of men stated same. Some of the more preponderant reasons for the prejudices stemmed from their accents, religious beliefs, foreign sounding names as well as non-German education and professional experience.

Most of the respondents who reported discrimination were between the ages of 18 and 44. The respondents noted that German companies should prioritize the experiences of people with migration backgrounds

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