ECA report reveals that EU system for deporting migrants encourages illegal migration

A special auditors report indicated that inefficiencies in the European Union’s system for deportation of illegal migrants serves as an enabler for illegal migration

The report revealed that the EU strategy does not put off people from irregular paths into Europe but rather encourages them to do so. This was detailed by the European Court of Auditors (ECA).

The ECA’s report highlighted that of the 500,000 people that have been ordered to leave the EU since 2008, only 29% were eventually deported. But less than 20% who entered continental Europe from beyond have actually been deported.

Leo Brincat, the Chief auditor of the ECA stated that effective deportations are a critical aspect of any comprehensive migration policy. He noted that the current EU systems of returns was suffering greatly as a result of inefficiencies culminating in the polar opposite of the intended effects.

The report warned that it would be counterproductive of the EU to attempt to force countries in taking their citizens back.

The majority of EU countries have formed a consensus on the prioritisation of stopping migrants from accessing Europe by bilateral agreements with the countries they transit through as well as deporting more migrants who are ineligible to stay.

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