More than 100% Increase in sponsored study visa to the UK for Nigerian students

The United Kingdom has recorded a 125% percent rise in the number of sponsored study grants for Nigerian students. Within the one year period spanning from June 2020 to June 2021, 11,361 study visas were granted.

The UK Government revealed that Nigerian students account for a quarter of the total number of International students on scholarships in Britain. As at June 2021, there were 20,427 Nigerian students in the UK, representing a 125 percent increase from 9,066 of the previous year.

China and India are the only two countries ahead of the African Giant in terms of sponsored study grants increases.

“In the year ending June 2021, three nationalities accounted for more than two thirds (72%) of Sponsored study dependents: India (39%), Nigeria (23%) and Saudi Arabia (9%).

China still retains the status of having the most nationals on UK scholarships with more than 90,000 as at June 2021.

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