UK and Canadian nationals denied e-visa by India

The Indian government has withdrawn the e-visa facility for citizens of the United Kingdom and Canada, This is purpotedly a reciprocation by the Indian government following the treatment of Indian nationals by Canada and the UK.

Canada and the UK had imposed onerous restrictions on Indian travellers which has led to major inconveniences in securing visas. A representative from the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs confirmed that the UK and Canada had imposed pandemic related restrictions on the entry of Indian nationals despite several diplomatic contacts made to their embassies on the issue.

Effective from the first week of August 2021, UK and Canadian nationals can no longer access the e-visa facility and have to make do with regular application procedures for sticker visas at Indian embassies. The Indian tourist visa is already suspended and visitors under other visa categories have to apply for regular sticker visas.

There have been over 33 million cases of COVID-19 in India with around 445,000 deaths. Almost 15 percent of the Indian population is fully vaccinated.

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