Polish University accused of cheating International students out of tuition

A university in the European nation of Poland has mainstreamed a policy that prevents students from obtaining refunds on tuition if they are unable to make the deadline for admission.

The school in question, University of Opole, has over 17,000 students including Nigerians, set a deadline on admission or deferment for 15th of September. Classes were scheduled to resume on the first week of October.

Many Nigerians and other International students were unable to meet the deadline due to delays in visa processes and other bottlenecks and stand at risk of obtaining full tuition refunds.

A letter dispensed by the 27 year old public university to an affected student granted an extension on the deadline while noting that those experiencing visa issues must resume on or before the 10th of November.

Many students have reportedly called on the school to refund the paid tuition fees if the requested deadline extension is not approved.

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