Virology Professor reveals how Nigerians who travelled with fake Covid-19 test results tested positive on arrival abroad

Professor Oyewale Tomori revealed that a significant number of Nigerians who travelled abroad over the past 5 months tested positive for the coronavirus on arrival at their destinations. This is despite said travellers providing negative test results prior to their journeys.

Professor Tomori who is a member of the World Health Organisation (WHO) technical advisory group on Covid-19, said that the high returns on Positive test results was indicative of possible falsification of test outcomes by Nigerian travellers.

Speaking on the Issue he said, “The report we got from the ports of entry in the last four to five months is that some of the travellers who left Nigeria with negative Covid-19 test results, tested positive on arrival in countries including the UK, Ghana and Mali.”

He further stated that this anomaly gives the impression that many of the travellers used forged results to depart Nigeria. He noted that individuals involved in falsification of Covid-19 results were exacerbating the spread of the virus and bringing “shame” to Nigeria,

He beckoned for increased testing and modalities to be put in place to curtail the issuance of fake Covid-19 results.

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