European Union MEPs Seeking to Enable Legal Migration into the EU

Members of the European Parliament want to facilitate legal migration to EU member nations and are to this effect, looking for veritable proposals to be submitted on or before the end of January, 2022.

This comes as the members have rubber stamped the migration bill with 497 votes in its favour, 160 objections with 38 absent. This bill is indicative of the MEPs support for an EU talent pool made up of non-EU applicants seeking employment in EU based firms. The primary objective is to ameliorate the significant shortage in the workforce population across the 27 countries of the union.

The EU parliament is calling for admission schemes to enable low and medium skilled third country workers to gain employment in the EU as well a recognition of a framework that determines their skills and qualifications.

MEPs are also calling for entry requirements to be structured to enable entry for people seeking to found businesses, tech startups, artists as well as other cultural workers. The EU Parliament s seeking out modalities to enable long term third country nationals to apply for EU citizenship.

Finally, there are ongoing proposals to reduce the number of years to obtain EU long term permanent residency permit from five to three.

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