Pope Francis besmirches Europe for polarized response to migration crisis

Pope Francis, during his visit to Greece, cast aspersions on Europe for the palpable inconsistencies in their response to the migration crisis beguiling the continent.

The Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church detailed his concern over the plight of migrants and refugees stating that democracy across the globe was in retreat.

He said, “The European community torn by nationalist self interest rather than being the engine of solidarity, appears at times blocked and uncoordinated. In the past, ideological conflicts prevented the building of bridges between eastern and western Europe; today the issue of migration has led to breaches between the south and north as well.”

Pope Francis during his tenure as Pope has made his pro-migration stance a major columniation of his papacy. The Pope himself arranged for the relocation of 50 asylum seekers from Cyprus to Rome.

Greece has witness an increased level of scrutiny on her land and sea borders with Turkey which has culminated in a decline in migration into the Mediterranean country. Cyprus, conversely, has witnessed a meteoric rise in asylum seekers.

The European Union has strengthened border control protocols to keep out migrants which has led to increased condemnation from pro-migrant groups as well as the Pope himself. The Pope noted that he had a responsibility to speak on behalf of refugees.

In 2016, Pope Francis gobsmacked the European political elite by rescuing a dozen refugees from the Northeastern Greek island of Lesbos. He took them on his private plane on his way back to Italy.

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