COVID-19: Pre-Departure Tests and Travel Isolation No Longer Mandatory in England

Travelers will no longer be required to have COVID-19 screenings prior to departure from England. Inbound travelers will also not be mandated to isolate until they get a negative PCR test result.

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson revealed this to the House of Commons, stating that the measures will be removed as the Omicron variant is so preponderant that restrictions have limited impact.

Inbound travelers, while no longer required to have a negative PCR test, will now be required to take a lateral flow test at the end of day two of their arrival. A positive outcome of that test will make a confirmatory PCR test require to help identify new variants.

These changes come following Airline UK and Manchester Airports Group, a trade body, called for the extrication of all COVID testing restrictions sighting the lack of meaningful impact in mitigating the spread of Omicron.

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