International student enrollment recovering in Canada, UK and USA but remains in decline in Australia and New Zealand.

Data published by a recent research conducted by the Mitchell Institute at the Victoria University shows that while foreign student enrollment in countries like the US, UK and Canada is on the path to recovery, NZ and Australia are still experiencing dramatic declines.

The study showed that while the first waves of the outbreak caused a major decline in new International students, countries that opened their borders to International students have rebounded strongly. This study is restricted to schools in the US,, UK Canada, NZ and Australia.

While the number of newly enrolled international students from China were below pre-pandemic levels, the levels from India and Nigeria are at record highs.

Of the 5 countries in the study, the UK recovered the strongest with the number of newly enrolled international students at 38% HIGHER than pre-pandemic levels.

In terms of countries of origin, Nigeria has rebounded the strongest and this is driven largely by the rise in Nigerian students enrolled for programs in the United Kingdom.

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