Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria (MDCAN) loses 100 Health Consultants to Migration in 24 Months

The Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria lamented the emigration of health consultants to developed countries, noting the disruptive effect it was having on the healthcare framework of the country.

Dr Victor Makanjuola, the National President of the Association stated that the Federal Government was failing to take decisive steps in the upward review of the retirement age of health workers which has culminated in irreversible damage to Nigeria’s health security.

Dr Victor further stated that the recent policies of the Nigerian Federal Government could be construed as specifically structured to target healthcare professionals which in turn disincentivizes the appeal of the sector. He stated that the current remuneration model has contributed to the loss of over 100 health consultants of 17 tertiary health institutions in a 24 month window.

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