Some Migration Trends in Africa to look out for in 2022

A varied combination of push-pull factors is driving African migration. The concomitant primary push factors being conflict, repressive governments and the exiguity of verdant economic prospects. Nine of the top 15 African countries of origin are in conflict.

The majority of African migrants in Europe are from North African countries including Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. These countries provide 5 million of the 11 million African migrants in EUROPE. Proximity to Europe is a major pull factor and is reinforced by the location of these three countries. Other pull factors include availability of economic opportunities as well as established diasporas.

Surveys indicate that most African migrants in Europe actually had employment or were enrolled in schools at the time of their departure.

Most African migration actually takes place within Africa which has been a pattern for decades. Over 20 million documented African migrations are domiciled in another African country. Urban cities in Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt are major hotspots for inter-African migrants.

Of the African migrants that have left the continent, 5 million are in the Middle East, 3 million are in North America while 11 million live in Europe.

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