Canada has a strong appeal to the International student market

Canadian Universities consistently rank high in yearly world rankings and remain a preferred destination for International students for a myriad of reasons including the quality of education, employment prospects post graduation as well as the verdant path to residency and citizenship.

The multicultural, inclusive and tolerant nature of Canada makes it highly appealing to International students as cited by a research conducted by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE).

The availability of a work permits issued alongside study visa gives International Students an opportunity to earn an income to offset the cost of study in living expenses The Great White North attracts over 400,000 international students yearly, with the international student population experiencing a 600 per cent increase over the past two decades, tripling in the last ten years alone.

A major incentive is evidenced in data showing that 95 per cent of students stay back in Canada on completion of their studies. The country offers students a one year post study work visa on completion of a one year study program or a three year visa after completion of a two year program.

90 percent of graduates from Canadian institutions secure employment within 6 months.

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