British Government to ask Military to Stop Illegal Migrant Crossings

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is set to task the British Royal Navy with command of English Channel Operations in a move to mitigate illegal migrant boat crossings.

The UK’s Minister of Defence is set to take over command of the operation from the UK’s border Force agency in a couple of weeks. The Border Force is under the auspices of the UK’s Home Office Department.

The Ministry revealed that officials were actively exploring all avenues to prevent more illegal boat crossings following a surge in the number of people who accessed the UK from France in 2021.

These illegal boat crossings are often carried out in unsafe, overcrowded vessels under perilous ambient conditions and high fatality risk. At least 27 people died in November of 2021 while attempting to cross the English Channel. At least 28,000 migrants and refugees made the crossing in 2021 based on figures complied by the British Broadcasting Corporation. This represents a 300% rise from 2020 figures.

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